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Customer Reviews


I love the fact that although it's a children's book, its message can resonate with everyone, regardless of age. The visually appealing illustrations make it even more engaging.


This book was very uplifting and teaches young girls to love themselves unconditionally! I bought this product for my nieces and they loved reading their affirmations through this book! The author did a wonderful job telling the story.


This isn’t just a little girls book—although my girls Malia (7) & Laela (12) LOVED this book! It’s a journey about how even on the worst of our days, a true friend, can turn our entire day around!.


This book was a great gift for my nieces! They are too young to understand the meaning now, but this is a good foundational book to help them grow and have great self esteem as they get older.


This book was a delight! The message for the book is powerful for not only for young girls but for the little kid inside us all. This book has become a new household staple for our nightly reading. 

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