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I Decide Who I Become

Khloe was so excited for her first day of school. That is until others weren't very nice to her. Khloe's bright light quickly faded away. Follow along as she meets Tori, a girl who teaches her affirmations to remind Khloe of how truly beautiful, blessed, and smart she is.

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Author Lottie Spears

Meet The Author

Lottie Spears

I truly believe that we can do anything we put our minds to. However, there is a level of self-confidence and self-awareness needed to completely walk in our purpose. Confidence in self is the difference between being good and being great! I personally struggled with believing in myself and would allow my own negative self-talk to hold me back from going after the things I deserved.  "I Decide Who I Become" is a loving reminder to focus on all the good things about ourselves in spite of the negativity. I hope Khloe and Tori inspire you to see the good in yourself and help others do the same. 


I want you to say this to yourself everyday: I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM CAPABLE, I DESERVE ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD!

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